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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Lost City by Fire Maple Games $1.99

iPhone Screenshot 1
Are you a fan of Myst?  There's been a slew of similar games in recent years published on the App Store.  The Lost City is yet another one.  It's fine.
iPhone Screenshot 3
The most interesting feature in The Lost City, is that there are 4 seasons that must be activated. Which means that if you want to open the treasure chest, it will have to be done in the correct season.
iPad Screenshot 2
Fortunately, like Blackthorn Castle (link below) there's a map that will speed up your travels if you forget where the cave is. Hints are available too.

Where the game loses its appeal is that there's no plot.  After solving 1 puzzle, something slid open and revealed.....a hammer.  Of course the hammer is needed to smash open something else.  But seriously, I would have used a big rock.

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  1. Ah yes, an oldie but a goodie...! In my opinion, the best that Fire Maple Games has produced.

    And Happy New Year to everyone! And thanks again to Tom for his blog...!