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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Factors Game by Michael Nitowski FREE

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Factors Game comes from Michael Nitowski.  Took me a while to get the idea.
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From Michael's webpage:

Can You Get to 1?

With a twist on the basic rules of division, Factors Game is a fun math game designed to be easy to learn but increasingly challenge your mental math skills as you progress through the levels.

The Goal

Move your number down through the number board to get as close to 1 as possible in the least amount of moves.
But be warned, some levels may not be solvable with a 1! Your overarching goal is to keep your ending average as low as possible.

The Controls

  • Swipe or type left and right to set up your next move.
  • Swipe or type down to make a move.
  • Swipe or type up to start the level over.

The Rules

  • If your number encounters a factor, it will be divided by that factor.
  • All other numbers will add to your number.

While You're Here …

Did you know that Factors Game is a free and open source game with the source code available here? It is. I promise. And it is licensed under the MIT License!

My thoughts
1. Look at the first image. Bring the 1 down onto the 7.  Your new number is 8. Then bring it down on 8 and you win.
2. Look at the second image.  Bring the 2 over the 14 to make 16, then go down on 16.
3. Here's what I don't like: you can bring your number down each row randomly, without thinking and somehow proceed to the next level. There should be a fail/redo component.
4. Some levels cannot be reduced to 1. Interesting.
5. No idea how many levels there are.  I've done about 50.

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