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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Who owns the largest Rubik's Cube?

Michael Hostetler They were actually very careful to make the distinction between yours and theirs. "This is a truly amazing and unique kinematic mechanism that functions as a Rubik's cube," said Noel Perkins, the Donald T. Greenwood Collegiate Professor of Mechanical Engineering and adviser to the students, in a news release. "There is no other human-manipulable cube like this, to the best of our knowledge. That said, it is not technically the largest cube. We're aware of a larger cube that requires the user to literally roll it on the ground to solve and rotate the faces. None of that is required by our stationary design. So to be very precise, it is the world's largest stationary, human manipulable Rubik's cube."
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Tony Fisher I have read what they wrote and the distinction is totally contrived. Mine can be stationary and mind is hand solvable. They have made the 2nd largest working Rubik's Cube in the world yet that would not have made headlines. I have had multiple comments on my videos about me losing the record and they have succeeded in their attempts to mislead. Disgraceful.
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Neil Hutchison Take it to Guinness, they would have to confirm the claim, and that would surely be disputed.
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Michael Gottlieb The only difference between a "stationary, human manipulable" cube and yours is a stand that holds it in the air for you. Not much of a distinction!
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Tony Fisher Neil Hutchison It's not an issue for Guinness or which is the larger since there is no despite about that. It's about people believing something false. In a week or two if you search for "what is the largest Rubik's Cube" it will be theirs. That's the way search engines work.
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Robin Verstraten a better title to give some credit: "the worlds largest fully functioning rubik's cube that isn't made by tony fisher"
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Tomas Linden I have a 1x1x1meter that is a exact upscaled version of the original (all parts identical with the original except size and material). Mine is (afaik) the biggest wooden Cube! Maybe there is room in the world for different versions!😃
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Tony Fisher I was trying to see how big there's it. It looks about the same as yours and 1m seems a logical size. That would make it equal 2nd (or 3rd?). 
Ignoring the misleading claims I have to admit it looks pretty good.
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