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Friday, November 10, 2017

Campfire Cooking by Layton Hawkes $3.99

iPhone Screenshot 1
2017 has been somewhat disappointing in terms of puzzle app games.  There seems to have been a drop off in the number of innovative & high quality games. In short, I've been a little bummed.
iPhone Screenshot 2
Campfire Cooking from Layton Hawkes has lifted my spirits mightily.
iPhone Screenshot 3
The object is to toast your marshmallows evenly on both sides.  Your fork can slide forward and back. It can also roll the marshmallows when rolling side to side.
iPhone Screenshot 4
Very Interesting:
1. The wooden forks can rotate 90 degrees.
2. The metal forks cannot rotate.
3. The tin cans must rest on the fire at the end.
4. The magnets can pull the tin cans.
5. Sometimes you have to light the campfires.
iPhone Screenshot 5
Campfire Cooking tends to fall in the sokoban category of puzzles. But not exactly.

The graphics are so charming. I love the fact that there's no move-counter that awards any stars.

The puzzles are challenging at a perfect level. I cruised through the first 50 levels in about 90 minutes. Then my battery died out! And I had to go to sleep.   I've done about 25 more levels. I'm saving the rest for a rainy day.

This game is a gem.

Layton made Puzzlepops last year, which I really liked. But not as much as Campfire Cooking.

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