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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Nodulus by Dan Kondratyuk FREE

iPhone Screenshot 1
Have you ever played ThinkFun's River Crossing Puzzles? It started a new genre of puzzles known as Plank Puzzles. The object is to pick up logs and use them over the stumps to create a new path to the other side of the river.  Read more here.
iPhone Screenshot 2
Dan Kondratyuk's Nodulus is essentially the same thing, but with cool graphics.
iPhone Screenshot 3
There are 20 levels and they get pretty tough.  I solved the first 13 levels. More levels are coming as other players create their own.

Spin Mix is an old game from 2012 that's related. It's no longer available, which means that you should download good games when I tell you to.
How it's different:
1. The object is to get the specific plank to the double circle target.
2. All planks can be swiveled at any time.

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