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Friday, June 1, 2018

Scalak by Michal Pawlowski $1.99

 When Michal Pawlowski publishes a puzzle app game, you know it's going to be great.  His other games include Zenge and Blue Box X and "Push".
 Scalak starts off very simple: fit the shapes into the slots.
 Gradually, things get more complicated and rectangular shapes have to be rotated & flipped in order to find the empty spaces to place the edge pieces and face pieces.

There are 90 levels and I solved them all. The last 10 took a while.

One minor issue: sometimes the cubes didn't rotate quite right. The only thing to do was restart.  This was an issue for level 10 (or so) but then I downloaded an updated version. The problem mostly went away, but not completely. 

Scalak is not hard, but the graphics are really excellent.

Maciej Targoni and Michal Pawlowski have teamed up for other great puzzles including klocki.

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