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Monday, June 25, 2018

The Futoshiki by Aliaksandr Uvarau FREE

Loyal Blog Followers: I'm back. I wish I could say that I've been swamped with so many great new puzzles. Unfortunately, the hits are harder to find. I've also noticed a significant decline in the number of puzzles being published on the App Store.

The Futoshiki comes from Aliaksandr Uvarau. The object is to create a Latin Square where each row/column has different numbers.  The black triangles are actually 'greater than signs'.

The 4x4 grids are incredibly easy. Perfect if you're listening to a tv show that's all dialog.  The 9x9 grids are really terrific.  I've only done a few and each has taken about 30 minutes. These puzzles reminded me of Sudoku Killer.

Altogether there are 12,000 levels - completely free.  I tried to contact Aliaksandr about how he generated these. I was unsuccessful. Surely he didn't do them by hand!?

Also interesting, the 'greater than' symbols always point down or right and never left or up. Hmmmm.

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