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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

9 Maker by Cho KwangHyeon FREE

 9 Maker comes from Cho KwangHyeon. It's a point scoring puzzle game. The object is to place the random numbers into the grid to make sums of 9 or to make 3 of the same number in a row/column/diagonal.
Look at the 2nd image.  Just under the grid are 4 buttons: +, -, ?, *.  Those are power-ups.  Power-ups can be earned by getting, say three 2's within the next 10 moves.  Power-ups can also be earned by watching a 15 or 30 second ad.

9 Maker is a fast game. Unless you end up watching all those ads.  At the moment, my score is over 1000 and I'm first on the Leaderboard. Fewer than 100 people are currently on the Leaderboard.

I really like the graphics.  But the ad watching skews the playing field.  When the game starts, the random #s are just 1, 2 & 3.  So earning a power-up is not too hard.  Once the 5's, 6's & 7's appear, earning a powerup is almost impossible.

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