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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Golf Peaks by Lukasz Spierewka $2.99

 Loyal Blog Follower Robert point this interesting game out to me: Golf Peaks by Lukasz Spierewka. It's a very solid game where the object is pretty obvious.
Look at the 2nd image.  On the bottom are 5 cards. Your task is to figure out which card to use, and in which order, and in which direction to aim the ball, to reach the goal. A  number that's underlined with a 3 means that the ball will travel 3 spaces.  If a 1 has a loop around and above it, that means that the ball will jump.  Used for sandtraps and the like.
Golf Peaks is essentially a maze game. There are 72 levels (4 rounds of golf).  I've done 36.

There's a lot to like about this game: the graphics are good. The puzzles are challenging. But all the levels can be solved almost blindly with trial and error. I'm not feeling compelled to complete them all.  This is a very very solid game.  $2.99 $4.99  $4.99

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