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Monday, December 3, 2012

Akari 3D: puzzle game for iphone, ipad

Guillaume Ortega contacted me recently from France about his new puzzle app: Akari 3D.

Akari is one of my favorite pencil puzzles from Nikoli press in Japan. Describing the puzzle game is not easy. I would recommend that you first download and play Akari Free.

Black squares have numbers, or dots. That number indicates how many light beams to place on each of the adjacent faces. Not the diagonal squares. Those light beams will illuminate all the squares in the horizontal & vertical rows.

The object is to light up all the squares.

Once you've played Akari Free, you'll be ready for Akari 3D. I happen to love it! There are 54 levels: 18 with a small cube, 18 with a medium cube and 18 with a gigantic cube.  I've solved all of them and now feel a bit sad that there are no other levels to play.

Some of the puzzles have multiple solutions which makes solving a bit trickier sometimes. Sometimes easier.

Look for the end of year Best Puzzle Apps of 2012.

Click here.


  1. Thank you for your review ;)

    I'm working on more levels, and a generator, so don't be too sad ;).

    Guillaume ORTEGA.

  2. Don't understand it. I can get pass easy-1. I wish i knew how to play.

  3. Looking forward to the Android version of this game.

  4. The link which says 'click here' at the end of this article is not working.