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Monday, December 17, 2012

Line's Life: puzzle game app for iphone, ipad

Line's Life Pro is a concept similar to Lunar Lockout, Pike's Peak and Fling.

The object is to align the circles in pairs of matching colors - vertically or horizontally - then make them disappear by having 1 of them crash into the other.

There are 162 levels, and I was originally stuck on level 7! 

You're wondering: Tom, does Line's Life make it onto the list of Best Puzzle Apps of 2012? Probably. Check back at the end of December.

Click here.


  1. The aethetic design in this game reminds me of the puzzle game Ichi, one of my favorite puzzle games for iOS, just behind Optia and Aqueduct of course. This blog is really helpful, cheers!

  2. I don't know Ichi or Optia. Thanks for the recommendation. Aqueduct is really terrific & I did not complete those levels. By the way, if you liked Aqueduct, you'll also like Blockwick.

  3. Actually, I have played Optia. It's clever & sleek. But I've grown a bit weary of lasers with mirrors type puzzles.