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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Netbound: free puzzle game app for iphone, ipad

The first image describes the rules, maybe a bit awkwardly.

We've seen many topology type puzzles like this before. Start at A, end at B. Go over each of the other circles - some of the circles must be landed on 3 or 4 times.

Look closely at the white dots around the A. They indicate where you may land next.

Netbound is smart, fun and well done. I have not solved all the levels yet.

On December 30th, I will publish a list of the Best Puzzle Apps of 2012.
On December 31st, I will publish a list of the Very Best Puzzle Apps of 2012.

What's the difference? The Very Best Puzzle Apps: I played them a lot more than the others.

Also, this blog is just about to get its 250,000th hit. If you're it, take a screen shot, send it to me and get a prize.

One more thing: this blog currently gets about 600 hits/day. But there are only 116 followers. If you sign up as a follower, you'll make my day.

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