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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Luma Link: free puzzle game app for iphone, ipad

Luma Link is a series of 300 puzzles where the object is to slide the tiles around until the silver ball can go into the red hole. The silver ball can travel to an adjacent tile.

Tiles can move horizontally/vertically ONLY IF the selected tile has a matching colored tab with another tile on that same row/column. You'll notice that some tiles have tabs only at 12 o'clock & 6 o'clock: they can only move up and down, never side to side.

I have done all the medium & hard levels.  The presentation is slick. This is a free puzzle game app. It comes with video ads that take over the screen after solving 4 or 5 levels. Pay a buck to remove them and get an additional 300 levels.

There are also free daily puzzles. I'd like to see Luma Link as a puzzle that would allow players to create their own levels. Because I'm curious as to how hard they could be.

Bottom Line: Luma Link is mildly challenging, fun and definitely worth your time.

On December 30th, I will publish a list of the Best Puzzle Apps of 2012.
On December 31st, I will publish a list of the Very Best Puzzle Apps of 2012.

What's the difference? The Very Best Puzzle Apps: I played them a lot more than the others.

Also, this blog is just about to get its 250,000th hit. If you're it, take a screen shot, send it to me and get a prize.

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