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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dice Jockey: puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

 Visionaries 777 recently contacted me about his new puzzle app game Dice Jockey.
 There are 4 distinct games. In the Puzzle category I did all 20 levels. The object is to roll the cubes around until they match on top. I was a little lost at first, not understanding why my 3 dice which all had 4 on top and were next to each other didn't work.  Here's the deal: when you have 3 dice on the board, you must get them all to be 3. Logical right? To make things a little easier, 1 on top acts as a wild card.

As I said, I solved all 20 levels. But I did not solve them in the minimum # of moves. I'm wondering.....if the minimum number of moves involves a wild card.
The other games require you to think and roll rapidly. Clear the board of matching dice while more dice are added to the board randomly.  If you've been following this puzzle app blog, you know I'm not into timed puzzles. Nevertheless, this survival/time puzzle element is cool. Look at the last image. See the six 6's? They have matched. They do not disappear right away. Instead, they slowly sink into oblivion and nothing can be rolled on that area for a while. Hurry up!

Do check out QVoid which is another rolling cube puzzle. This may be hard to believe - but it's completely different from Dice Jockey. I reviewed that more than 2 years ago:


  1. You might also like my Game of Cubes, which I'm sure inspired Dice Jockey:

  2. Actually no, Devil Dice on the PlayStation 1 clearly inspired Devil Dice.