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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Help Me Fly: puzzle app game for ipad, iphone

Help Me Fly comes from the good people at
The object is to connect the battery to the plane to charge it with connecting rods. On higher levels, you will need to deactivate electronic fences.

There are 60 levels. On  most of the levels, you can solve it multiple ways. However, you will need to have your rods get near the stars to earn full credit.

I solved the first 15 levels without getting all the stars. Then found out that I needed to collect them in order to move on to level 16.

Level 22 was particularly interesting because it is actually a sequential movement packing puzzle. 27, 29 are  also a sequential movement puzzles. Right now I'm stuck in the 40's.

Ehud Rosenberg, from Funtomic, likes #19 best.

I should mention: the graphics and user interface are very good. No complaints at all.

Help Me Fly has terrific graphics


  1. Were u able to solve level 60? The online video walkthrough I found shows this level missing an empty space in the bottom right that makes this level seemingly impossible. I've tried for hours.

  2. tried months. no luck. somebody post d solution