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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

0h h1: free puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

iPhone Screenshot 4       iPhone Screenshot 3
One of my students pointed this game out to me recently. The objective is to fill the grid with red and blue squares. Each row must have an equal number of blue & red.  Also, there can never be 3 of one color in a row.

Here's what's good: the graphics are crisp & clean.
Here's what's not so good: on the 10 x 10 levels, there comes a point where you may have to guess.

This game is well done. It's pretty much identical to Binary Sudoku, which I reviewed back in 2010.  Another version of Binary Sudoku I reviewed in 2011.


  1. Hello Tom
    I don't agree with you. Every 10 x 10 level is possible : you can check that with the symbol on the bottom (right) which give you a clue that you could guess by yourself...
    (Sorry, i'm not fluent in english...)
    A oh h1 user.

  2. Thanks Pierre. There's also another rule that I forgot to mention: each column and row must be unique. And that should clear things up at the end.