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Friday, January 9, 2015

Make Them Fall: puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

   iPhone Screenshot 1             iPhone Screenshot 4
Make Them Fall is a point scoring puzzle app game that's really designed to test your reflexes and keep your brain synapses sharp.
The title 'Make Them Fall' is not appropriate for this game because your man is supposed to shift side to side within each colored region.

Look at the 1st image with the blue & red split image. The 2 stickmen are hugging the wall. The spikes scroll upward. You must tap the blue part to make the stickman shift to the opposite wall.
The dual screen is 'Normal' but tough and my high score is just 91.  There are 5 other versions. with more men to control. The hardest level is called 'Heart Attack' and has 6 mini screens.

Make Them Fall actually turns out to be a good partner game.  In the version that has 4 men, get a friend and each of you will control 2 men.  Better yet, get 3 friends and each controls 1 man for better control and a higher score. This is the easily the best partner/reflex game on the market. Though I don't think it was intended for that.

Here's what I don't like: on the Normal level, the speed increases too quickly. Nevertheless, it's still quite fun.
We should all be playing this type of game to ward off Alzheimer's.

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