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Monday, January 12, 2015

LogicCity Jr: puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

iPhone Screenshot 1

Description from the App Store: 'The goal of the game is simple, to fill the grid with shapes, without repeating a shape in a row or column (yes, like sudoku !). But wait - there's more ! You have to manage the colors and the shapes simultaneously - adding a whole new dimension to sudoku.

These puzzles have been developed by Michel Lyons and Arunima. Michel is the creator of several highly popular and highly rated board puzzle games such as Metaform, Architecto .. etc. He has also written math curriculum books with a focus on problem solving.'
 iPhone Screenshot 4

LogicCity Jr is very similar to ThinkFun's Chocolate Fix.  You'll note in the directions above that Michel Lyons developed Metaform & Architecto. Those are outstanding puzzle games produced by Foxmind, which has a long history of producing great puzzles.

There are 75 levels and I've done about 15 levels, including the last 5 hardest levels. These puzzles are great for young puzzlers. Lots of elementary schools have enrichment programs for gifted students. This is exactly what they should be doing.
The game costs $1.99 and there is a lite version.

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