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Monday, March 2, 2015

H3X- A Matching Tile Number Game

iPhone Screenshot 2      iPhone Screenshot 3

H3X- A Matching Tile Number Game is a lot like Threes! and 2048. Except the game is played on a hexagonal grid. I've only played this game once. It was during the Academy Awards.  The image below shows my score after about 90 minutes. When I remembered to finish this game a few days later, it was gone!

The problem with this game is that because one can swipe in 6 directions, as opposed to 4 directions, that leads to better options. There doesn't seem to be a leaderboard. And that's good, because I might be tempted to play this again for a couple of hours to rise up high and bask in the glory of basically nobody.

If you end up playing this, and get a tile higher than 6144, please let me know how long that game took. By the way, I took a photo of my progress and the 6144 tile just in case the game didn't get saved.

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