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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Complete Ripoof

Capture d’écran iPhone 1        iPhone Screenshot 1
Eugene Dmitriev published Laser Box Puzzle a few months ago. I liked it enough to solve all the levels! Read my review of it here.

Luu Trong has published a complete rip-off. Almost everything is the same. Both games are free. Download the original. Of course, you could go the extra mile and download the ripoff too and then leave negative feedback. - the Real McCoy - the ripoff


  1. Even the descriptions are similar, and what isn't exactly the same is written in broken English. I think it's safe to say that given the name Luu Trong, the creator is one of the stereotypical Chinese people who rip off of everything, and are giving a name to those of us who are actually civilized.

    Thankfully there's no ripoff of this on the Google Play store... OH WAIT.

  2. A Ripoof is a rip-off of a game which then disappears ... poof!