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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Monster Swipe

iPhone Screenshot 1    iPhone Screenshot 2
Monster Swipe comes from Amir Andersen. The object is to swipe your monsters until they hit an obstacle and eventually land in their home square.
iPhone Screenshot 5
We've seen dozens of variations over the years.  Does the world need another version?
What's different? Look at the second & third images. See the directional arrows? Actually, we've seen those before too.
What's really new? You can create your own levels and play levels from other people.
Beyond Annoying: I took a break and later restarted at level 58.  Somewhere around level 64, I died. I restarted....but it sent me back to level 58.   No, No, No, I thought. Let's go back to the menu & select the proper level. Just doing that - I lost another life.

How bad is this? A whole bunch of levels, 10 moves are given, implying that this one is tricky. Yet I only used 3 moves.
There are 101 levels and I've solved about 72 levels.

If you've never played one of these games before, I suppose Monster Swipe is alright. The monsters are kind of cute.

Really, you should play Woodhead. It's similar, but with a touch of class mixed with wonderful irreverence.

Update 3/24/15: I'm stuck on level 77.

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