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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Chain Free

iPhone Screenshot 3  iPhone Screenshot 2
The Chain Free is a maze grid. The object is to visit every cell once and only once. The starting point is the upper left corner. You can transfer to any point on the same row or column if the color or shape matches.

Why is this interesting? Because the last cell can be anywhere in the grid.

What's not so good? Most of the puzzles have multiple paths/solutions. But that's okay because I think we all like puzzles that are semi-easy that we can actually do!

There are 200 levels & I've solved about 175 of them.  According to the leaderboard, I'm #6 out of some 8000 players.

Vladimir Golovnev has been producing some interesting puzzle app games recently. Numbermania is actually pretty outstanding if you take the time to figure out a good strategy.

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