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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Lineswiper: free puzzle app game

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My friend Nicola Salmoria recently tweeted about a puzzle game called Blek.   I have not played it. But it seems very similar to Lineswiper, which I have played.  The object is to draw a curvy line that will repeat and nail the colored circles while avoiding the black ones.
There are 30 levels and I managed to solve 12 of them. It's cool, it's tough and now I think it's impossible.

Nicola Salmoria @NSalmoria  ·  Mar 26
The stylish puzzler Blek made $2M revenue. 96% of that on iOS. Somebody still wonders why many apps are iOS only?

According to Nicola: Blek is the original and Lineswiper is one of many clones.

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  1. Blek is the real deal, published in late 2013. Lineswiper is a clone, released in 2015.