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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Star Sudoku - Six Large Triangles New Challenge: free puzzle app for iphone, ipad

iPhone Screenshot 1
Stanley Lam has a long history of publishing various Sudoku themed number puzzles.  Star Sudoku is the latest.

Each triangle must have 1-9.  Each row, continuous or interrupted by the center, must also have 1-9.

There are 10 free levels. I've done 3 of them, including one of the extreme levels. See image.

Other Innovative Sudoku Puzzle Apps
Kropk'i Sudoku  This is really a Latin Square with a couple of innovative ideas. It plays fast.
Quindoku Same as Logi5Puzz
Logi5Puzz  Same as NumDom. But NumDom has larger grid sizes.

Spindoku is totally different, but still very cool.
Hi-Lo Sudoku is one of my favorite variations.
Cryptdoku I played it so long ago, but it's cool.
Stimko Gold - outstanding version of squiggly Sudoku.  Handcrafted puzzles.
Kakooma - interesting for about 3 levels
RollDoku - never even solved 1 level, so hard
Cohabit- played this on my ipod touch - before ipad was invented
FlowDoKu - one of my favorites
Sudoku Mine combines Sudoku with Minesweeper
Sudoku Killer  combines Sudoku with Kakuro. I've spent a lot of time on this one.
3Doku - a cubic version of Sudoku
Pokergreen Puzzles - a poker version of Sudoku

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