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Friday, April 3, 2015

Pathz: free puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

iPhone Screenshot 1  iPhone Screenshot 2
Roy Sadaka has created a very original set of puzzles called Pathz. I love everything about this game. Even when I'm stuck & think it's impossible.

Objective: get the orange square to orange star. Get the blue hexagon to the blue star. Note: the blue hexagon can only travel on blue tiles while the orange square can only travel on orange tiles.  When the orange square leaves an orange tile, that tile will turn blue, enabling the blue hexagon to then travel on it. The blue tiles turn to orange after the blue hexagon travels over it.
iPhone Screenshot 3  iPhone Screenshot 4
Other features include: wormholes, keys that must be retrieved to open the locks. Some tiles act as boats between 2 points.
The red tiles can only be traveled on once, after that, they disappear.
All of the images I've copied do not truly capture how cool this game is. You simply have to play it.

'Dear Traveller, Congratulations for making it thus far!  However, you still have a long path ahead. Since I need to make a living…..From now on, ads will appear at the end of every level.  You can remove all ads by unlocking Pathz (For FREE). In addition, you will gain a new Theme!'
Once you solve level 19 or 20, you will get A not from Pathz's developer. Positively love this! By the time you've gotten that far, you realize how good it is and you should reward Roy for the fun you've just had!

Level 25 was the first really hard level. I enjoyed it so much, I redid it a few times.

There are 120 levels and I've solved 88 of them. I'm guessing that took about 5 hours.
Unquestionably, Pathz will be nominated for a PAGY award. (Puzzle App Games of the Year are awarded December 31. Stay tuned.) Bravo Roy!

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