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Friday, June 12, 2015

Go to Gold

iPhone Screenshot 1  iPhone Screenshot 3
My introduction into the world of Sokoban type puzzles: Box World. I needed a couple of months to solve all 100 puzzles.  That was in 1995.
About 15 years ago was a fantastic site where folks could upload their own puzzles.  Some of the designers were extremely clever. Unfortunately, that site, and all its genius puzzles are gone.
Recently, my puzzle app friend Nicola Salmoria told me about Go to Gold. There are only 64 levels, but they rock. Not a single one is easy. Okay, maybe a few are easy.
The first image shows a standard sokoban puzzle: push the pieces onto the target squares.  The second image shows a different objective: push the mirrors so they direct the laser to the target.

A third objective is to move specific tiles onto specific squares. Sorry, no image.

The fourth objective is to push any single yin/yang tile onto the dark yin/yang square. When a tile lands on the blue dot, the corresponding blue square goes down.

There are 15 puzzles in each category.  PERFECT!  I did them all, but I swore, that some of them were impossible.
Go to Gold easily earns a PAGY Award Nomination.

Loyal Bog Followers: I know it's impossible to play all the puzzles I recommend. My tip: do try the ones I post on Fridays. Because I don't post on the weekend, the Friday puzzle apps get the most time at the top - deservedly.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like the perfect recommendation for me: (a) it is a Friday ;-) (b) contains the phrase Box World, and (c) the word Sokoban....!

    I also bought Box World many years ago and did them all. That and Kye were probably the best computer game buys I ever made!

    Will download it straight away... :-)