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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

HexAgony: point scoring puzzle app

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HexAgony is a fine point-scoring puzzle app. The objective is to place the colored card symbols in the grid to score points.  Placing a diamond next to a cluster of diamonds scores one set of points. If your diamond is blue and is next to some other blues, you'll score points for that too.

Each time you place a symbol, a new one will pop up at the bottom, randomly.

The game ends when the grid is complete.

The game has 3 grid sizes. I've played the smallest grid a handful of times. 

There's a lot to like about HexAgony: good graphics, a leaderboard, the game cannot go on forever. However, there's something missing: an element of fun. It could be me of course, I've played so many games, I may be hyper critical. If more people play it, as evidenced by the leaderboard, I'd be more interested.
According to the leaderboard today: on the small grid, I'm #5 out of only 24.  The large grid: only 7 people are on the leaderboard. That's kind of shocking. This game definitely deserves more attention.

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