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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Harry Nelson: puzzle designer extraordinaire

I know Harry Nelson from our mutual attendance at the annual International Puzzle Party. 

Some of his puzzles:

Gravity Well - I was able to take it apart, but could never put all 3 pieces back together. I still have no idea how I disassembled this. This puzzle was made in China for Bits & Pieces and I can imagine that at their factory, there was only 1 person who put them together.

Lunar Lockout - brilliant design. Another version was called Pike's Peak. A lot of puzzle apps have incorporated some of this game's features.  One that comes to mind is Fling!

Cool Circuits - I have not played this, but want to!

Click on the link at the top to see a chess puzzle that took him 10 years to design. How crazy is that?


  1. Harry Nelson... That is a name I must remember...

    Lunar Lockout is one of my two all-time favourite games, the other one being Tipover. I was also interested to read that he was the brains (or at least part of it) behind Stormy Seas... I found that to be significantly more difficult that the other two I mentioned. Probably something to do with the way my brain is put together!


    best wishes,


  2. Stormy Seas - I forgot all about that one. Harry used to sell an expansion pack for that, which I think I bought.