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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Circulate Dots: free point scoring puzzle app game

iPhone Screenshot 1 iPhone Screenshot 5

Janardhana Guptha has an interesting point scoring puzzle app game called Circulate Dots.  The objective: start at the green dot and get to the red dot by landing on it on your 6th turn.

The second image shows this nicely. The starting point was on the left (it doesn't count) and the final 6th move will certainly on the red dot.

Where it gets tricky:
1. Tail of your last 5 lines is always present, like a snake. And you cannot retrace that path. Though you may cross it.
2. There's a timer. The better you get, the less time is given to you.

According to the leaderboard, there are just 77 people and I'm #2.
Circulate Dots is not brilliant, but it's different and it's fun.

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