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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Mr. Square

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If you've been following this blog, then you know that I like Topology puzzles. The objective in Mr. Square is to find a path that will cover all of the squares.  When I did the first 9 levels, after 60 seconds, I thought: good graphics, but too easy. Should I waste my time on this? (I still haven't finished the expert levels of Mortal Coil.) However, JE from Germany recommended it. So I kept going and was glad that I did.

iPhone Screenshot 3  iPhone Screenshot 4
What's different? Using 2 squares at the same time.  Totally new concept in this genre. On some of those problems, the square with the question mark on top will move in the opposite direction of where you swipe.

Other elements: directional arrows & worm holes - those have been done before.

Mr. Square has a lot going for it. Most importantly, the puzzles are well designed & fun.

87 levels - perfect number.  I've done 64.
Daniel Moreira is the author.

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