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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Factory Balls: puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

iPhone Screenshot 5
Bart Bonte has created a bunch of games on the App Store. Factory Balls is a very charming little puzzle. The objective is to start with a white ball and paint it carefully to match the image on the box.
iPhone Screenshot 3
Various tools include: vertical belt, horizontal belt, glasses for the top hemisphere and for the bottom hemisphere, pliers to add a nose, an axe to cut out a mouth, ear muffs. Your ball may also need to grow grass and flowers. Use the different wool hats to create a spiked pattern

Right now there are 80 levels and I've done all but 5.  My mistake was taking a break.  You really need to do these non stop - methodically.

(My grandfather's brothers were in the stencil business. They created stencils for toys so that when they needed to paint certain parts, the colors would be correct. I think they would have liked this game.)

Big thanks to Loyal Blog Follower David Cole for informing me of this little gem.

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