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Friday, October 9, 2015

Orbit - Playing with Gravity

iPhone Screenshot 1
Chetan Surpur's game Orbit - Playing with Gravity is simply delightful.
iPhone Screenshot 2
The object is to launch multiple planets around the black holes.
Level 1 is fairly simple: just get 3 planets to orbit - very elliptically - around the black hole. Cool: they can go in different directions.
Level 2 Get 5 planets around a black hole with greater mass.
Level 3 Get 3 planets to 'infinity orbit' (my term) around 2 black holes.
Level 4 Get 3 planets to orbit (somehow!) between 3 black holes. That's where I got stuck.
iPhone Screenshot 3
There are 18 levels and the images are simply wondrous. Kind of like the old Spirograph game.
Orbit - Playing with Gravity is FREE.
If you solve level 4 and other levels, please take a screen shot and send them to me.

By the way, according to Stephen Hawking's book A Brief History of Time, time slows down for anybody riding a on a planet into a black hole.

Update 10/14/15
Go to JE's site:
He completed all of the puzzles and posted wonderful photos.


  1. This really is quite charming and relaxing, and not without a quiet sense of humour... One of the very few games which I choose to play with the sound on!!!

    I am up to around 12 or 13, I think... After about level 6 they include repulsive elements as well... Fun!!! I have taken a few screen shots, but I lost your email address...

    Incidentally, on level 4, I guess I sort of cheated a bit... After trying and trying to get a "knot" going on around the holes, I settled for treating them as one mass and simply orbiting from a distance!!!

    Quite delightful....! :-)