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Wednesday, April 13, 2016


iPhone Screenshot 1
Cadmia is a point scoring puzzle app game.  The object is to slide - all the men at the same time - to form clusters of 4 or more of the same color.

After each move, a new colored circle appears somewhere on the board, randomly.

4 reds will yield 8 points.  5 reds give 16 points.  If you are able to get 4 reds at the same time as 4 blues, I think that's 700 points.  Or something like that.

I like this game.  It reminds me of 4 Straight Lines .  In that game, all the tiles slide until they hit a wall., unlike this game.

If I play just for single clusters, the game can go on and on, almost forever.  Going for the double clusters  gives the most points, but of course, there's the danger of running out of space and the game ending.

I should add: the graphics are very good. An idea for a future game: extend the grid to 5x5 and use 4 colors.
According to Max Franz, the next version will support a Leaderboard.


I recently got a new ipad.  Woo hoo! This one will be used exclusively for puzzles.  No photos, no music, no apps that give weather forecasts or newsbreaks. What to do with the old ipad? I'd like to pass it on, but it has puzzles that are no longer available on the App Store.  And my old ipod touch? It's got an even older game which I loved called Up! Unfortunately, I think it's lost in the deep corners of the couch. Still, I look forward to paying my good fortune to others soon.

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