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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Tower Maze by Ionut Cristea

iPhone Screenshot 1  iPhone Screenshot 2
Tower Maze by Ionut Cristea is a semi-hidden maze tube puzzle. The object is to slide the silver peg along the green path and get to the end.

Each day, there are 2 new mazes and you can compare your time with everybody else.

When physical puzzles are made into apps, there's a tactile element that is unfortunately lost. Hitting a dead end is an example.  Another: sliding horizontally while pushing down - seeking that hidden path - is also lost.

Still, Tower Maze is pretty cool.

If you want a physical version of this puzzle: look for Doolorinth on Ebay.  Doolorinth has also been released under the title Groove Tube. Screw This is very similar - it's fairly large. The Cooksey Maze is yet another cylinder maze - but it's the rarest. I was fortunate to play/solve one while visiting the largest mechanical puzzle collection in England 2 years ago.

Should you decide that you just have to do more Cylinder Mazes, look for Revomaze.  Unquestionably the best made. Very expensive.

No matter what, you should definitely do Oskar's Cube:

Tower Maze:

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