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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Hex 22 by Sang Moon Joo

    Hex 22- screenshot thumbnail
Sang Moon Joo's description:
Hex 22 is a simple number puzzle game.
[How to play]
- 2 or more same numbers connect.
- Number block of the last part become +1. and rest blocks disappear.
- When no more connected, game is over.

I've added a scoring sheet for how many points you'd get for various things.   For example, merging two 5's to form a single 6 will give 32 points.

My high score at the moment is around 91,000. But that was when I had no strategy.  When I developed a strategy, my high score did not top even 60,000.  Reminds me of the game SPL-T. Overthinking that game, I got worse and worse.

Hex 22 can take a long time to play just one game, but it's definitely addictive.

Addendum, last night & this morning I had a great game going. Could've died several times, but got lucky. Or was is that I was using some probability game theory to optimize my chances of getting lucky? My score was 86,000, and I still had adjacent 13's to combine.  Suddenly, the program crashed. I re-opened it and the game was gone.

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