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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Blaxx Puzzle: iphone puzzle app review

Last month, this Mechanical Puzzle Correspondent received some 100 emails queries. Most often asked: can you solve every level of every puzzle? No, I cannot! Right now I'm stuck on level 62 out of 100 on a terrific puzzle, which I will review at a future date.

Which brings me to Blaxx. Stefan Ritter has produced a nice variation and combination of Sokoban and Lunar Lockout. In the first image above the white arrow points to your man. You must bump into the rainbow yin-yang balls to hit the red x's. The second photo shows an arrow that may switch directions. Another element, not shown, is the wormhole square - not on all levels. Free to download 5 sample puzzles. A level pack of 40 - I solved them all in about an hour and a half. I feel smart again! Note to Stefan: we look forward to level packs 2 & 3.

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