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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hipercubo: iphone puzzle app review

Many years ago I read Flatland by Edwin Abbott & Sphereland by Dionys Burger. I recommend both highly!

Now we have a wonderful 4-dimensional maze via a hypercube. I was not able to download and sample this set of puzzles because my ipod touch does not have the latest software. However, having watched the video of this, I am 1 step closer buying an ipad. Hipercubo will be the first app that I will download.

Roger Sodre from Brazil is the creator. He spent 6 months on this.

His note to me:
"Hipercubo is a puzzle game that takes place inside a Hypercube, a four-dimensional cube. Within it, there's 8 regular tridimensional cubes interconnected, each one of a different color. You can run through the cubes forever and never reach the end. The goal is to bring all the colors asked to the center of the Hypercube within the time limit. The first levels are easy, but as you progress through the challenge, it starts to get complicated, as connections are closed and obstacles atart to appear inside some cubes.

There's a Full Screen mode where you can appreciate the Hypercube being deconstructed with the accelerometer. With a TV or Video cable, you can watch it on a monitor or TV.

The new version now runs on iPad and is ready for the new Retina display on iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4. There's a new scoring system, based on cubes flipped, the level and speed, with global scoreboard managed by Apple's Game Center. You can also clone the game to a monitor or TV.

The distribution model have also changed. The game was free, with upgrade to the full game after the 10th level. Now there's the free Hipercubo Freestyle, including only the Freestyle mode, where you can flip the Hypercube as long as you can. The full Hipercubo have all the 56 challenge puzzles."

Hipercubo teaser video:

Full mode video:

Carl Sagan explains the nature of a Hypercube:

Hipercubo Full direct iTunes link:

Hipercubo Freestyle direct iTunes link:

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