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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Doug Engel's iphone circle puzzle app: review

My good friend Doug Engel is the most under-appreciated puzzle designer today. He produced these 3 circle puzzles in the mid 80's. This app duplicates them just fine.

However, I thought I knew everything there was - mathematically - to these puzzles & could solve them easily. Then Doug decided to expand his circle puzzles to demonstrate how truly complicated they could get.

For example

This puzzle: first align the colors, then make sure arrows point to 12 o'clock. It completely changed my entire analysis of these circle puzzles upside down.

Doug now calls these Battle Gear Puzzles and has added more pieces to some variations. Good God man!

Download the app!

Even better, go to Doug's site and buy the physical puzzles & the variations. Tell him I sent you & he might give you a discount if you order a lot.

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