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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

GAMES Magazine - August Issue is now on sale

This Mechanical Puzzle Correspondent is reporting on the world's greatest mechanical puzzle: The Lotus Table by Kagen Schaefer.

It's not the hardest. But for a variety of reasons: craftsmanship, design, size and all around coolness, it is simply a masterpiece that will be in a museum one day.

I have some bad news: you cannot purchase this puzzle because they are all sold out. However, you can buy my article on it.  Strangely, the August issue is on sale now. Don't ask me why. Suffice it to say, the September issue will soon replace it. So hurry.

GAMES Magazine can be purchased at Target, Barnes & Noble and any other place that sells a wide variety of magazines.

Here is Kagen's page:

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  1. This mechanical puzzle commenter is impressed. Kudos, Tom!!