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Friday, June 28, 2013

NonoCube: free puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

NonoCube comes from and is a totally free puzzle app.

Are you familiar with Nonogram? It's a 2-dimensional game where you have to color in some numbers on a grid via vertical/horizontal clues. They're fun, but I've never actively sought them out.

NonoCube is essentially the same idea, but in 3 dimensions. You must create a shape. To do that, you will 'shield' the boxes you want. And 'bomb away' the boxes you do not. What about the boxes inside that you cannot access? 
See the red, green & blue arrows? You can temporarily hide some layers to get to the interior.
The graphics are outstanding. The controls are very good too. The puzzles are pure logic. Not very hard, but that's okay. I've done 57 of the 60 'normal' levels. Platinum levels are available too. But they're not ready.

NonoCube is a winner. Download it.

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