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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Har*mo*ny: free puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

iPhone Screenshot 1   iPhone Screenshot 2
Last week a colleague at work showed me Har*mo*ny 2 from BorderLeap.  Since it cost $3.99, I downloaded Har*mo*ny instead, which is free.
The object of the puzzle app game is to get your color squares to the correct row, to create some kind of rainbow effect.  This can be done by swapping 2 squares at a time. However, the 2 squares must both be in the same row or column.
iPhone Screenshot 3
At the start of the game, each square will have some dots. The number of dots indicates how many times it can swap.
Har*mo*ny has over 1000 levels. I've solved 84 of them so far. I'm not solving them all! Har*mo*ny 2 has only 'hundreds' of levels. But, as best as I can figure, it features cool music.
About a year ago I reviewed BoarderLeap's other puzzle app Blendamaze.
12/10/14 Update: I've now solved 102 levels. This puts me around #5000 out of 15,000 on the leaderboard. Obviously, this is a popular game.

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