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Monday, December 8, 2014

oO: strange, cool dexterity puzzle app for iphone, ipad and android devices

iPhone Screenshot 1 
Maciej Targoni is the author of oO - a very bizarre, cool dexterity game. Look at the first image. You are the tiny white circle going around and around. Transfer to the next circle at the tangent point by tapping the screen. Then to the big circle. When you get to the big circle, avoid the spikes by shifting to the outside of the circle. Again, just tap the screen.

I solved the first level - after dying some 90 times. The second level is even cooler. The circles are psychedelic, wobbly, and  Dali-esque. See the second image. I have not completed the second level, though I've died over 200 times. Why? Because the game doesn't save your progress.

I did start the 3rd level. Imagine the inside of one of the circles being completely filled with spikes. (Sorry, I don't have an image for that.) Those spikes will fade on off for about 3 seconds. So you must time your transferring.

oO - screenshot

oO costs $1.99 on the App Store and $1.97 on Google Play. Not sure if this happens all the time.  If it does, then maybe we should all switch to Google Play so we can save 2 cents for all of these games. The game came out in April, but I just found out about it recently via Apps Gone Free. oO was free for a days. Nice job Maciej.

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