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Thursday, December 11, 2014


iPhone Screenshot 1      iPhone Screenshot 2
Nili Abrahamsson recently contacted me about his puzzle app game Tealday. It's a color mixing puzzle.  Look at the second image. The object is drag some red paint, some blue paint and some yellow paint onto the big circles so that the Big Circles will match the Target Color.
I solved the first 3 puzzles. I think this is particularly difficult for me because I can't even name these colors. Aqua-Marine? Teal? Greenish-Gray?
iPhone Screenshot 3
See the numbers in the little circles? They indicate how many times you can paint the big circles.
Look at the very bottom of the second image. See the tiny question mark? Tap on that and it will tell you which of the Big Circles have already matched the Target Color.

There are 120 levels. The first 10 are free. The rest cost $1.99

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