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Monday, January 19, 2015

Blogic Puzzle Fee: puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

iPhone Screenshot 2      iPhone Screenshot 1
Blogic was one of a slew of good puzzle app games that got published at the end of 2014.  The object is to draw one continuous path that will cover every square.

What's particularly good: You must also figure out where the entrance and exit are.
Also good: there are plenty of easy levels to solve. The graphics are very good. The tutorial is helpful for novice puzzlers.

What's not as good: there's a weird system of earning stars that doesn't make much sense. Not that that's important anyway.
Also not so good: on the harder levels, you can figure out parts of the path.....but eventually you will have to do some guess & check.  When you do that and want to backtrack, there's no proper undo button; you may as well just start from scratch.

What's good and bad: Over 1000. levels. Perhaps you want that. Too many for me.


  1. How is this different to Alcazar?

    1. Alcazar

    2. It's not. In fact, as it came out after Alcazar, this is actually a clone of it.

      It's not a good clone, though, as the background is not checkered, which makes it more annoying to apply parity logic.

      Source: I helped the creator of Alcazar beta-test the app, and also found a technique that can solve almost all Alcazars you'll find in the full version of the app.

    3. Thanks for the insight! I wondered, have you played Polarium on Nintendo DS or GameBoy Advance (two versions)? Part of it is like Alcazar, but it adds more complexity through special tiles. Would love to hear your thoughts. If you only play one version, make it the GBA version as it contains more.

    4. I unfortunately never owned a GBA, and my NDS is currently very, very misplaced.

      It would be much easier for me to pirate the game and download an emulator, but I'd much rather not.