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Monday, September 26, 2016

Bend It: Flex Your Brain - Mechanical Puzzle $10

Recently I opened up Bend It: Flex Your Brain - another puzzle from the folks at Smart Games.

The objective is to place all the pieces into the grid to match the 60 black & white challenges.

Most interesting: all the pieces bend in some way.

Even more interesting: the construction of the pieces is outstanding.

I solved about 20 levels.  These puzzles get very challenging. Probably too hard for kids under 12.

From A Reviewer on Amazon:
The secret to solving the puzzles is to find where only one certain piece can go. This can change for each puzzle but for example in Puzzle 23 there is a place where there is a lone white dot encircled by all blacks. Only one of the six pieces can be used there. There may still be a couple ways to put in that piece but you can use elimination once you know the piece you are working with.

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