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Friday, September 2, 2016

Color Kakuro by Chi Wun Li Free!

  Color Kakuro- screenshot thumbnail       Color Kakuro- screenshot thumbnail
Color Kakuro is nothing like genuine Kakuro (formerly known as Cross Sums).  A better title would be Color Minesweeper. Oh well.
  Color Kakuro- screenshot thumbnail        Color Kakuro- screenshot
Each square is either blank or is an actual clue.  Suppose a clue square has 1 yellow, 1 red, 2 green and 0 blue. That means that the surrounding blank squares will have 1 yellow, 1 red, 2 green and 0 blue.

Most of the levels have unique solutions.  There are 200 levels ranging from beginner to master.

At the moment, I've done 150 levels. I positively love this game and it's totally free - provided that you do all the levels and not skip around.  The ads are annoying, but that's still okay because I can't get enough of this.
Another negative: the program crashes every so often. I uploaded the latest Ipad software, and the game still crashes. But I keep playing it.
Let's end on something positive: these puzzles are hand-crafted.


  1. Fun game! The level progression is a bit slow, haven't encountered any difficulties yet but I am still in the easy levels.
    Definitely a nice mechanic though.

  2. This game is a beauty... I am only about half way through medium, but I love it... Has anyone found a way to pay for it and get rid of the ads? Because (a) I would like to pay the guy for a really nice puzzle, and (b) it would be nice to get rid of the ads...



  3. Just a quick update... It is not totally free anymore. I have now done the first 100, and the next 50 cost around $2. Which I have happily paid, because I like it. I think the next pack (the last 50) costs around $3 extra. But great game... :-)