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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Outfolded by 3 Sprockets Free!

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Outfolded by 3 Sprockets is an extremely popular puzzle app game. The object is to unroll - face by face - your cubes to go from 1 square to another. The game is endless.  I did 12 levels and thought to myself - it's okay.  I think it's appealing because of the music and the fact that you can undo every move.

Somebody on the Leaderboard has done over 4000 levels.

Reviews from the App Store:

Amazing game! One problem

I played the game constantly
And I would enjoy the satisfaction of winning and getting new themes. But once I got to level 400 I lost that feeling... There's noting to look forward too, and I found out the game has no end. I can't play the game with no end, maybe it's just me but the game would be so much more if there were themes for the next couple hundred levels, but I want to say thank you. It's such an amazing game, I loved it, while it lasted.

The atmosphere, everything from colors to music and sound effects, is deeply relaxing. The game allows to go at your own pace and allows for unlimited restarts on each level. A game that normally would be frustrating is extremely relaxing.

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