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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Markoshiki by Marco Barisione Free

iPhone Screenshot 1
Markoshiki comes from Marco Barisione.  The objective is to place the numbers in a clockwise, circular pattern.

From the App Store:
The rules are simple:
- Numbers grow in a clockwise direction following the arrows.
- Consecutive numbers are in the same row or column as the previous number, but in different quadrants.
- The numbers that are already in the board when you start the game cannot be modified.

My thoughts:
1. This game is very similar to another puzzle app I reviewed about 2-3 years ago. Unfortunately, I've forgotten the title.
2. The grid sizes go from 3x3 to 5x5.
3. The Difficulty ranges go from easy to Extreme.

I've done a few 5x5 Extremes and I'm very impressed with the graphics and controls.  In terms of difficulty, this genre cannot get too tough.

In the other version of this game, which I don't recall the title, giant grids were spread over 9 quadrants. That led to a very interesting element where any anytime, the path could veer into the center quadrant.

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  1. You are probably thinking of an app which, for personal reasons, I am choosing not to support in any way. However, I can at least attest that such an app does indeed exist.