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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Politaire by Pine Entertainment Free

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Politaire is a point scoring puzzle app game.

"Politaire is a Solitaire mixed with Poker. Your aim is to make winning hands with 5 active cards in your hand.

Choose cards that you want to discard and swipe it away. Upcoming cards will fill up your active hand and score if you make a winning hand. Discarded cards will go back to the pile, waiting to come up again. 

The minimalist visuals hide an interesting depth that will keep challenging and surprising as you master it."

My thoughts:
1. Excellent graphics
2. My high score is 2800 after 5 games.
3. You could better maximize your score by keeping a companion deck of cards to keep track of what's left toward the end. Expert bridge players keep this in their memory banks constantly.
4. You may be going for a yellow flush....but if there's a blue 7 to match your yellow 7 - tough luck. That's why this game is interesting.

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