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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Dump Trump Game by wisebeetle Free

Dump Trump is available now.
Dump Trump Game is the first political puzzle app game in a long time. It's a tilt maze puzzle app.  The object is to get Donald to the skyscraper.  Getting Hillary to the skyscraper is not allowed.
iPhone Screenshot 1
When swiping, all the heads travel together.  All the Donalds must get to the skyscraper.
iPhone Screenshot 4
There are 20 levels and they took me about 12 minutes. The puzzles themselves are okay. But the concept is not new and these levels aren't very hard.

If you're going to download & play this game, do it during Sunday night's 2nd presidential debate. Then delete it, because it's not worth keeping. Which may be a reflection of the actual people.

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